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Refurbished SVG Tracks

For many years SVG Tracks could be found in just about every FAB in the USA. To date, there are still 1000s of these tracks in the field serving their owners. At PicoTrack, we made a business of supporting these legacy products with parts, services, modifications, and upgrades.

 Our business model is to effectively extend the life of existing SVG Tracks. We also re-purpose SVG Tracks as needed for use in new emerging applications such as MEMs, LED, BioTech, GAAS, Optics, and more.
Refurbished SVG Tracks, Parts, Support
Our SVG systems are high quality production ready “work horses” that always include warranty, installation, and ongoing field support.

For those users on a tight budget there is good news. You will be very pleased with our low pricing!

In addition to brand new and refurbished SVG tools, we also provide low cost training, expertise, field service, audits, wafer size conversion kits, controllers, and after market enhancements.
Original SVG Track control systems were manufactured using 1980s vintage electronics. As such, original SVG tracks have obsolete controls. Our systems use PicoTrack’s proprietary full featured controllers and system software. These controls work in original SVG Tracks, and in every SVG clone we’ve seen to date. We offer modern day plug and play controls with unlimited recipes, host interconnect, data capture, GUI and much more.
We maintain a huge inventory of SVG spare parts and subassemblies for immediate delivery.
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